Basic core and abdominal exercises

If you are new to training and wish to get into shape then core training would be the best option to go with. Before you start with the core you should know what is core training?

What is core?

Core is everything excluding your legs and arms. It includes your hips, glutes, abdominal muscles, inner abdominal muscles, scapula and pelvic floor. Core is where your energy gets generated and so as to carry your movements. Abdominal and inner abdominal muscles would provide core stability.

The most common mistake which everyone does is that they focus mainly on the traditional ab exercises such as crunches and sit ups thinking that they would strengthen your core. But this is not true and instead of strengthening it might be hazardous to your spine. To train your core it is essential for you to involve all your muscles and build them. It has to be done gradually and it won’t be achieved within few days.

Basic Abdominal and core exercises for beginners:

  • Tummy vacuum: it’s a simple yet powerful core exercise. Best for those who sit for a long period. It helps to recondition your transverse abdominals so as to brace the spine during any kind of movement. It needs to be engaged whenever there is a movement but during pregnancy, these muscles might not be in use and due to which it forgets to get engaged.
  • Clam shells: glutes are the butt muscles which are the strongest of all. If these are not working properly and become tight it would affect your lower back. Clam shell exercises are best to get your glutes activated.
  • Dead bug: one of the best exercises for strengthening your core. They also help to build stability in hips and trunk.
  • Band anti- rotation: these are simple exercises which can be done at your home as well. To make your abs stronger you need to go for anti- extension, anti- lateral flexes and anti- rotation as well.
  • Bird dog: this is one of the best exercises as it would hit multiple functions at a time. It improves coordination and puts shoulders and glutes to work using anti-extension and anti- rotational movements.

All these exercises have to be followed accordingly:

  • Bird dog: 10 sec hold, 8 reps each side.
  • Band anti-rotation: 10 sec hold. 8 reps each side
  • Dead bug: 8 reps each side, alternate sides
  • Clam shell: 10 sec hold, 10 reps each side
  • Tummy vacuum: 5 sec hold, 8 reps.

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