Can proper diet help to cure acne?

Acne is the most common issue faced by many people irrespective of their age group. If you ask the doctors whether there is any link between the diet which you eat and acne everyone would say no. But why is it that certain people have seen a difference in their acne when they had some food and when they prevented it? If this is true then why do the dermatologists deny this fact? This is because the dermatologists can’t make money if they promote any kind of diet and it is possible for them only when they are able to sell drugs. The pharmaceutical companies put lot of pressure over the dermatologists to prescribe expensive medicines and creams so that the patient would develop dependency over the drugs. A recent study has stated that people who consume sugar had aggravated acne.

Milk is also known to aggravate acne, allergies. This is because each sip of milk would contain about 59 different hormones, cow pus, steroid hormones, saturated animal fat and more which can increase the production of sebum that would, in turn, increase your acne. According to the scientists they suggest us to remove milk from the diet to control acne. Doctors have even observed that their teenage acne patients who have stopped taking milk have seen a drastic improvement in their skin. You could see an immediate improvement in your skin from the day you have stopped milk intake. Taking more green vegetables, seeds and nuts would help you fight acne as they are best sources of calcium. There are several other healthy foods which can help you reduce acne by re-balancing your body.

The Final verdict on acne diet connection and way to overcome acne:

Acne is a condition which can be triggered by several factors. Though diet can alone might not reduce or increase acne, it could aggravate existing acne issue which you are already facing. You can actually avoid the wrong foods that can increase your acne such as milk, sugar, oils etc. eat green leafy vegetables which can help your skin heal and can reduce acne to a maximum extent. You should even follow the necessary steps to tackle various acne contributing factors. It not only just improves your skin but will also increase your overall health and well being as well. By following dietary principles, it would be easy for you to manage your acne related issues.

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