Know the different teeth and their utility

Teeth are very important for us to eat and speak. They just won’t help us in chewing food but also play a vital role in digesting food. It also helps you to speak properly and helps you to keep your overall health.

Teeth development:

We usually have primary teeth when we are babies and later, we get the permanent teeth when we grow up into adults. According to a Professor and dental doctor at Columbia University medical center in New York, the teeth erupt symmetrically i.e. the left top molar would grow at the same time as the right top molar teeth. Though the tooth can be seen after a long time of birth, they actually start developing during pregnancy itself. Crown of the tooth comes first and the roots would develop even after the tooth has erupted. Between the ages of 2 ½ to 3 years the 20 primary teeth would grow and between the age of 6-12, the primary teeth will fall out and the permanent teeth would develop. A normal adult would develop 32 teeth.

Various parts of the tooth:

The part which is visible is called as the crown and is white in color and the root which isn’t visible. The roots extend into the bone and hold the teeth in position. Teeth usually have 4 types of tissues.

  • Enamel: it covers the crown and is visible. It is harder than bone.
  • Dentin: it is underneath enamel and looks just similar to the bone. It is not as hard as enamel and if the enamel wears away, it would be a great risk.
  • Cementum: it covers the teeth root and anchors the teeth in to bone. It is very soft and hence extra care has to be taken.
  • Pulp: it is present at the center of teeth and contains blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissues which would provide food and signals to teeth.

Various types of teeth and their working:

Each tooth has got a different shape and performs a different job.

  • Incisors: the four top and down teeth in front are called incisors. These are used to bite food.
  • Canines: these are very sharp and are used to tear and rip the food.
  • Premolars: also called as bicuspids used for grinding and chewing of food.
  • Molars: these are also used for chewing food and grinding. They develop in jaws and don’t replace primary teeth.

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