Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal In Camberwell

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars. They are as necessary as other teeth. They cause troubles throughout their eruption as they erupt through your gum tissue. Sometimes, they erupt either laterally or partially and become struck or impacted causing pain, gum line swelling, discomfort or facial swelling. When your pain or any of the mentioned conditions become worse, your dentist may recommend wisdom teeth removal for maintaining proper oral health care.

Reasons for Early Wisdom Teeth Removal

In most of the cases, there is not enough space in the back of your jaws for wisdom teeth to erupt thoroughly to perform their proper function. If your wisdom tooth does not find enough space to come through, the tooth will become impacted or wedged.

Your wisdom teeth develop between the age of 18 to 25 years. Your dentist may recommend x-rays to spot its growth if required. Wisdom teeth if not erupts properly may cause following types of issues to your gum or mouth:

  • If it develops in the wrong angle, it presses the other teeth and may cause damage to them also.
  • If it does not develop in a healthy way, it may get trapped in your jawbones or gum causing severe pain. Your dentist may recommend it to remove for relief.
  • If your jaw does not have enough space to support the growth of an additional set of molars.
  • If you are suffering from the problem of teeth cavities or gum disease around the wisdom teeth.

Our expert dentists at Camberwell Road Dental are renowned for their high professionalism and reliability in all aspects of dentistry including wisdom teeth removal. Our main objective is to provide a calm environment to all irrespective of age and financial status while receiving our treatment. Our patients prefer to visit us repeatedly because of our modern painless wisdom teeth extraction technique to prevent serious complications.

How To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Camberwell Road Dental utilises the latest technology and equipment for painless wisdom teeth removal. We use x-rays to examine the condition of your wisdom teeth. It helps in determining whether the removal is required or not. It also helps in deciding the difficulty level of teeth removal for better dental health and relief. If the specialist finds that the improper growth of wisdom teeth is damaging your teeth structure, gum or creating any type of infection and pain, we give the required treatment for the easy and safe removal of your wisdom teeth.

In some cases, you may require local anaesthesia for the painless and safe wisdom teeth removal treatment. Our expert also does the surgical extraction to ensure the safe removal and the protection of other teeth.

After the removal of the wisdom tooth, our dentists put sutures on your gum for quick healing. As one of the specialists in wisdom tooth removal, we recommend our patients to make a follow-up appointment at least once a week after the extraction procedure or as required.

We have a team of highly proficient dentists who have experience and expertise wisdom teeth removal solution. The wisdom teeth removal service of Camberwell Road Dental is popular for overcoming the most complicated situations because our professionals have undergone specialised training and are experts in this field.

Final Thought

Our high-professionalism, patient-centric services, affordable price range, combined with the utilisation of the latest technology and equipment has established us as a trusted wisdom teeth removal service provider in Camberwell. For more information and queries on our extensive range of services, feel free to contact specialists of Camberwell Road Dental.

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